Facilitation WG Meeting Minutes – 02.16.2012

02/16/2012 in Facilitation WG, Facilitators Planning

Attendees: Heather, Yeshua, Cecile, Er!k
7:30 latest!, Yeshua and Er!k not around this weekend


Standing Agenda Items: (cg)

    • Location of GA: Hayes (2/18); East Montpelier (2/25)
    • Discussion facilitated by Education WG
    • Plan Agenda and Assign Roles for the GA 2/18: Total time: 1 hr
      • Intro: 5 min:
        • consensus on going to 5:20, help with cleanup after
      • GA: 45 min (or 85 mins? … redistribute accordingly)
        • Reports Back 15 min
        • WG Proposals: 30 min
          • Arts and Theater 15 min?
          • FWG? 15 min
            • WG accts?
            • Goddard response?
      • Announcements/New WG formations: 10 Min
      • Roles:
        • speaking facilitator: Cecile
        • stack: Heather
        • note taker: ? find at GA
          • Heather to ask Colin
        • props: Cecile
        • signage: Heather
        • coffee hour backup host: Cecile
        • posting the FWG meeting notes: Heather
  • Framing and Facilitating the Arts and Theater Proposal (cg)
    • not yet a fully fleshed out counter-proposal for GA process
    • just looking for a temp check?
    • from what we can gather she is proposing:
      • fluid open-ended meeting process
      • GA not a deciding or action body,
      • just a place for diverse groups to gather
      • to discuss and educate each other
      • groups/individuals free to do whatever they want, report back to GA is optional
    • how do we facilitate this?:
      • introduction by A&T W.G. with feedback
      • clarification round
      • discussion round: clarify points of difference
      • move on?: ask for points of difference to be identified now or to be brought to the next GA?
      • light on feet w/ facilitation
    • cecile to run facilitation plan for her proposal past Margaret; get her input, can A&T bring copies of their proposal
  • What to do about Goddard? (cg)
    • FWG: do an intro re: conference
      • address issue: no inclusion of local Occupations
      • address hostility we are feeling / model trying to be inclusive
      • scholarship issue: “let’s not make ppl evil”
    • FWG: what’s the most appropriate strategic response?
      • identify demands: discussion
      • identify who has the appropriate connections to be effective
      • nominate someone to deliver the letter or a delegation to deliver the letter in person
      • form an ad hoc committee to write a letter, doodle poll time to deliver letter
      • empower the ad hoc cmte? or bring back to next GA?
  • Identifying by title (not in detail) the rest of the changes the FWG would like to bring forward to the GA (cg)
    • Defining what the GA does and doesn’t do, and defining what the structure of the GA is, i.e. what activities it includes
    • How decisions are made
    • Clarity on what WG are doing and a system for reporting back on Operational details
    • Tracking systems (may be brought forward by Tech not FWG)
  • Setting on a new time to meet (cg)
    • New time: 6 PM on Thursdays
    • add this detail and access info to the FWG page, contact page and events (YT)
  • Uploading consensed proposals from last weekend (scd and WG accts) (cg)
    • cecile to create a Master Gov Doc as a temporary location
    • cecile to upload the proposals from last weekend
    • cecile to send link to Yeshua and Heather for cross check
    • yeshua will upload notes from last weekend to webpage
    • yeshua to build page for our Passed Proposals with the link to the MGD

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