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Facilitation WG Meeting Minutes – 02.23.2012

02/24/2012 in Facilitation WG, Facilitators Planning


Attendees: Cecile (cg), Yeshua (yb), Heather (hp)


  • FWG – Facilitation Working Group
  • MGD – Master Governance Doc

Meeting Agenda:

  • Check ins (personal)

  • Reports Back on FWG Projects or other WG that we’re a part of that are relevant and timely, e.g.:

    • Goddard Ad Hoc (hp)

    • updating WG accts/standardizing format (cg)

    • adding Master Governance Document (MGD) link to webpage front (cecile, yeshua)

      • MGD link is on “resources” page, this needs some attention though

      • separate internal/occupy resources from external links to other articles/etc

      • place for a free-for-all link / resource exchange elsewhere on the site (like forum/wiki/etc where it is more collaborative)

      • Yeshua will work on this some more and check back with others for input

  • basic needs needs help!

    • facilitation could take on taking on location

    • but we’re tired.. and overloaded

    • play hard ball (no General Assembly unless folks step up to work out these details), but let’s check in with Irvin first – Cecile will email

  • Standing Agenda Items: (cg)

    • Location of General Assembly: East Montpelier (2/25)

    • Plan Agenda and Assign Roles for the General Assembly 2/25: Total time: 2 hr

      • Intro/welcome: 5 min

        • use second Working Group break out to clarify Working Group accts?

      • Education: 15 min

        • grounding excersice?

      • Working Group Break outs 30 min?

      • Working Group Reports Back 15 min

        • FWG – Yeshua

          • note meeting time

          • change email to facilitation@ – Yeshua will fix w/ email alias

          • Disruptor Policy: no verbiage as of yet – we feel this is important, and ought to be addressed, but we (as FWG) are unable to create a draft – more than willing to see it through

        • Goddard Ad Hoc – Report Back & feedback – Last on the list

          • need input: what are we going to do about the 3/10 General Assembly?

          • Participation without attending the conference – Gorilla Discussions?

          • How to work with other occupy groups to get the word out?

      • Working Group Proposals: 60 min

        • FWG: 30 min

          • review and process Working Group aims/accountabilities – see how General Assembly reacts, if consensus is building go with it, else let folks think it over and revisit next General Assembly

        • Finance – need to confirm, but most likely – 15m

          • need to be cleaned up and presented for folks to review

          • are there any holes here? given what is laid out, any problems?

          • are we good / consensed? if not, let’s think on this for the week and review / consense next General Assembly

      • Working Group Break outs 30 min

      • Announcements/New Working Group formations: 10 Min

      • Fill Roles:

        • speaking: Yeshua

        • stack: Cecile / Heather / other?

        • note taker: Colin / other?

        • signage: Yeshua

        • props: Cecile

        • coffee hour backup host: Cecile

        • blogger: Yeshua

          • including posting the FWG meeting notes from this meeting

  • FWG internal proposals:

    • New Role: Occupy Burlington Liason: accountable for facilitating communications between Occupy Central Vermont and Occupy Burlington as needed (cg)

      • question: would this be a member in FWG? Yes, but doesn’t have to be. Really ought to be someone who this is easy for / attending both.

      • Passed! – Cecile will take on for now, but talk to others.

    • Shall we create a new role? Recruiter? Responsibility to scope out folks and get folks involved. Easy to make it happen if we send energy in this direction

      • we will make a collective effort to identify and welcome in new working group members

    • FWG meeting process proposal: (cg) – Passed!

      • Checkins / what info should we take into account for this meeting?

      • Reports Back

      • Standing Biz

      • Proposals

2 responses to Facilitation WG Meeting Minutes – 02.23.2012

  1. My impression: This report would be much easier to understand if all the abbreviations used were explained. I suggest that the first time an abbreviation is used in a document the words be written out. Our web site might be more inviting to new people if it would be easier to understand.

    • Yeshua said on 02/25/2012

      at least in my opinion, the importance of this is completely agreeable. the only problem I will note is the difficulty in doing so realistically.. eg, these notes above were copy / pasted without additional formatting, which takes time, and can usually be found, but is often in short supply. That said, I’ve updated the post above to remove this type of ambiguity.

      Said another way: we desperately need more help.

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